CANINE BASICS:  Building the human – animal bond!

Your dog, your friend, your confidante, your training partner, your reason to get up on a cold winter's morning ...


At Canine Basics we know that your dog is your best friend and an important part of your family. Therefore we want to help you care for the overall health and well being of your dog.  We offer canine massage therapy to help maintain and improve you dog's health; fun effective private training; "Compassion Canines" - a volunteer therapy dog program; and we even make and sell all natural treats as well as essential oil products for dogs! Our goal is to help you build a strong, healthy, happy, human-animal bond with your dog!

Canine Basics is pleased to offer Therapy Dog evaluations through Therapy Dogs Incorporated. As a "Tester / Observer" with TD Inc, therapy dog evaluations are offered at no charge and can be done at any time during the year.

For more information on our programs and services check out Canine Basics canine massage therapy,  private training (in home including training in preparing homemade food for your dog), and animal assisted therapy including Compassion Canines. Don't forget our  where we offer natural treats for training and essential oils for use with your dog!

Give Canine Basics a call and let us help you to provide the basic needs of your dog. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

* Certified Canine MASSAGE Therapy * * Compassion Canines THERAPY Dog volunteer program *   Canine Basics - building the human - animal bond, where problem dogs are no problem!