Private Instruction

Anyone who has ever gone to ‘dog school’ has experienced that moment when their dog is perfect at class and a total terror at home! So Canine Basics comes to you!  Our private instruction is focused on fun, fast, problem solving to address your concerns and give you the information and tools you need for successful training at home.

Hannah working off some energy (photo by Rachel Bird Photography)

Canine Basic Private sessions include:

Basic Manners

Tell the truth, do you walk your dog or vice versa?  Can you trim your dog’s nails?  Does your dog know ‘leave it,’ ‘off,’ ‘sit,’ ‘stay,’ ‘come,’ and ‘remain?’  We will work with you in your home to help you build basic manners for your dog.  Don’t settle for poor behaviour … turn training into fun and enjoy the benefit of a well behaved dog!

Problem Solving :

Is your dog a puppy school drop out?  Do you own a ‘counter surfer?’  Are your shoes premium dog toys?  Has your great dog started to show some strange behaviours that you don’t know how to change? Canine Basics is known for fun, fast, problem solving! We work with you to end problem behaviours through positive training techniques!

Puppy Prep 101: 

Are you getting a new puppy? Or did you just get one?   Puppy Prep 101 is all about puppyhood! This private in home session includes how to puppy proof your home, what toys to get, and how to potty train a new puppy!  We’ll talk about vaccination schedules, spay/neutering your dog, puppy and dog food options, and give you training tips.  This 2 hours session costs $60 and is an invaluable resource if you are preparing to bring a puppy home or have recently added a puppy to your household!

paw Food for Thought:

I have made food for all my dogs for many years and am constantly asked what I feed, how I go about making meals etc.  Though I do not claim to be a canine nutritionist I have taken courses on nutrition and attended workshops on canine nutrition.  I now offer my knowledge to people considering doing either raw or cooked home made meals for their dogs.  Feeding quality meals has been shown to decrease risks of canine cancer and other diseases and it is not hard to do!  If you are interested why not schedule a private consultation!

Please email jane@caninebasics to set up private sessions!

costs for all sessions (except puppy prep) are $25 / 30 minutes or $40 / hour.  Travel time may be charged above rates depending on your location.

(photo by Rachel Bird Photography)