Compassion Canines Therapy Dog Program


Compassion Canines utilizes the unique skills of dogs to create opportunities to touch people with care, love, acceptance, and comfort. Our dogs are trained, tested, registered therapy dogs who interact with people in ways that provide a bridge for compassion and caring.

Compassion Canines is a group of volunteer teams – handler and dog – who are committed to serving the area (Stormont, Dundas, Glengarry) through the Canine Basics therapy dog program.  All teams are registered with Therapy Dog Inc.

We offer the opportunity to visit with both adults and children, at schools, nursing homes, group homes, hospitals, and also at community events.  For more information on the specific ins and outs of our program please click HERE. 

As a “Tester / Observer” (or T/O) with Therapy Dog Incorporated, Compassion Canines is able to offer therapy dog evaluations for TD Inc.

I started working and volunteering with a therapy dog program in 1990.  Now with over twenty years of service in therapy dog programs I can honestly tell you that the power of the paw remains an incredible and pawsome experience.  My background and experience means Compassion Canines  is built on one of the longest foundations of service of any therapy dog program not just in Cornwall but in Ontario and in Canada (Compassion Canines, “Moon” was, with me, the first therapy dog designation given to a team in Canada). My goal is to serve the volunteers in Compassion Canines by providing them with the supports they need to in turn serve the community. And our overall goal is to serve our community with compassion through the love, acceptance, and comfort of a therapy dog program.

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Caleb Visiting at CCH
Caleb Visiting at CCH